Pelkey Records - Promoting Those That Need To Be Heard!
About Us
We are all about promoting music! Yes, we do it for free! You may ask things like "what's the catch? Why do you do it for free? What's in it for you? Do you promote anyone?" we'll be glad to answer those questions for you!

What's the catch?
Well honestly there is no catch, by us promoting you for free we are also promoting ourselves. It benefits both of us!

Why do you do it for free?
We do it for free because we love music and what it stands for! Music is in everything we do in this world, it can make the mood, it can pump you up or bring you up when you're down. Without music the world would be quiet and people wouldn't have a voice to say what they want!

What's in it for you?
Well we get cross promotion from promoting you, but also we get to meet many talented artists! That is the best part about it, seeing all these up and coming Artists, Djs, Producers, Labels, and more makes us feel a part for something bigger! That's what is in it for us!

Do you promote anyone?
Yes, we are willing to help promote anyone as long as they are willing to help us, by providing the information we need to make them a page on the website. We will also help push music if we feel they have been working hard at it, and are serious about it!

Location: Where Ever Music Is!

Hours: Music Never Sleeps So Neither Do We!